Getting That Professional Sound

While many people are concerned with the mastering phase of a music project, we argue that the key to getting a professional sound lies in a balanced mix. We therefore put focus on the mixing phase, and not primarily the mastering phase. The genre we have specialised in is electronic dance music, i.e. trance, house, techno, etc.

Mixing is the process of making a mix of all the instruments in an audio track/song. The aim is to tune the relative volume of every audio stem/channel so that the track appears balanced, clear and powerful. A sound picture may be divided in three parts: the lead instruments, the backing instruments and textures/atmopshere. For instance, it is important that the lead instruments are pronounced and present since these typically carry the melodies, and that the textures do not interfer with the backing instruments resulting in a cluttered mix.


1) Mixing
For this service, we do not apply any kind of processing on the provided audio stems (i.e. no EQing compression, etc.). Hence, the audio stems are kept exactly as you made them.

2) Mixing + EQing
We use processing on the audio stems, e.g. EQ, compression, etc. to improve and polish the sound. Having the ability to perform this kind of processing is imperative in order to get a professional sound both with respect to avoiding frequency crashes and for colouring purposes. We recommend this as your go to service.

3) Mixing + EQing + Mastering
Our third service includes mastering of the mix. Note that this is a basic mastering comprising EQing and compression/limiting.

Sending Audio Stems

You may use the file transfer service of your choice for sending us the audio stems, e.g. DropBox, Sendspace or similar. Upon receiving your order we reserve time in our schedule. When you are ready with the audio stems, you only have to reply to the order confirmation email with the download link. Please do also provide a HQ mp3 of your track. We recommend that you send separate audio stems for the following instruments:


  • Kick drum
  • High Percussion
  • Mid Percussion
  • Claps
  • Cymbals/Crashes
  • Low/Sub Bass
  • Mid Basses
  • High Basses
  • Arpeggiated Leads
  • Solo Leads
  • Plucked Leads
  • Pads
  • Pad Bass
Texture, Atmospheres and FX
  • Textures/Drones
  • FX
Please do constrain the number of stems to 15-20. The recommended format for the stems is 44.1 kHz/24 bits uncompressed audio with at least 3dB headroom (-3dB in your mixer channel). Do not apply any processing on the master channel in your mixer, e.g. no EQing, compression or similar.

Payment and Delivery

We accept payment via PayPal which will appear as the payment choice during checkout. The mixed track will be sent to you within five business days. The format of the file is 44.1 kHz/24 bits uncompressed audio (2116 kbps) with at least 3dB headroom. For service 3) you will receive two files: a) the mixed track and b) the mastered track. Both files are stored as 44.1 kHz/24 bits uncompressed audio.

If you have any questions or concerns you are always welcome to contact us here.